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  1. After 4 years of operating as a Polish server, we are now opening a new one - in English. The new server starts on 10 September. https://i.imgur.com/wWxKdze.jpg CAP:50 EXP: We have modified the amount of exp needed for each level. It is definitely hard, more difficult than on official servers. SP: x1 There are no free skills. GOLD: x1 DROP: x1 PET EXP: x2 UPGRADE: Low rate, max +20 CASH: Voting, Cash and many items from IS available in-game COOLDOWN: New system (not %), some skills are not affected by reduction JEWELS: Max 15 lvl, reduced HP values ELEMENTS: Only 1 lvl, also affect skills Lots of changes to character skills to bring some strategy to the game. Playable Elementalist Multiclient up to 3 game windows. 1 Xanthus Account and 3 game accounts per person. Over the past 4 years, we've made tons of improvements to the game. It is impossible to list all of them here. You can check out all the patchlogs on our website: https://xanthus.pl Join our Discord server for more information: https://discord.gg/8UA3tRktAf https://youtu.be/u_I8SjFxzXI Our server's video
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