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L2Gold [L2OFF] Grand Opening 29 November

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L2Gold Information

Platform Interlude Gameplay chronicle 4  L2OFF PTS Files

Website: https://www.L2Gold.in
Forum: https://www.L2Gold.in/forum
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/L2Gold.org/


This page explains about the basic L2 Gold features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6.

 xp45x / sp50x / adena50x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too)

 c4 server on interlude client (retail server) with custom modifications a special npc and without custom items
 No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes

-Safe Enchant : +3
-Max. Enchant : +25 for Weapons, +9 for armor / jewels
-Chance for Regular/Blessed Scrolls: 66%
-C4 server played via Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications
-AIO buff system
-Buff time: 1 hours
-Support buff time: 2 minutes
-Anti buff shield
Aditional Information
-Rebirth System

-Max Dual Boxes 3
-Special Noblesse System(3 rebirths and 4 crowns in order to become noblesse)
-C/B/A/S grade SA obtainable from Mantra Manager
-Bandit Stronghold special shop
-Apella armor and other stuff will be obtainable for Vote Coin
-Offline Shop

L2Gold Rebirth sytem.
When a character becomes level 78 he can go to the rebirth manager located in aden, goddard, giran. If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1 with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills)

When you have done a rebirth you will receive a book of rebirth and a rebirth list. The rebirth list will show how many rebirth's you have performed.

To gain a rebirth skill you must visit your skill trainer witch can be found in most towns. The skill trainer will take 1 rebirth book per chosen skill. Be carefull when choosing your rebirth skills because once chosen they cannot be changed!, you can only rebirth 3 times!

Shown below are the possible rebirth skills.
-Rebirth Acuman [ Increases casting speed by 5% ]
-Rebirth Agility [ Increases Evasion buy 5% ]
-Rebirth Empower [Increases M.Atk. by 5% ]
-Rebirth Focus [Increases critical attack rate by 5%]
-Rebirth Guidance [ Increases accuracy by 5%]
-Rebirth Haste [ Increases Atk. Spd. by 5 %]
-Rebirth Heal [Increases Hp by10%]
-Rebirth Might [Increases P.Atk by 5%]
-Rebirth Magic Barrier [Increases M.Def by 5%]
-Rebirth Mana [Increases MP by 10%]

AIO NPC Buffer
There is a support buffer spawned in every important town
The buffs last for 1hour and are free of charge.

Third Job Change
As soon as your character is lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change. This can be done at the NPC job changer Carola who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town.

L2 Gold has it own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse.

-    Death Lord Hallate
-    Kernon
-    Longhorn Golkonda
-    Shilen Messenger Cabrio
The locations on map we will share soon

Once you collected all the items and your character is lvl78, you can go to the Noblesse NPC Eddy Wally who's located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse.

Low lvl Protectors
All the low lvl zones up to lvl60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl.

Boosted Buffers
In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. To be updated as soon as all these new skills have been fully implemented.

A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower. Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go!
The new character will start with all the needed items INCLUDING the Quest items (no more searching for the right quest items for class transfers).

Craftable S Grade SA
Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained through craft. The recipes you need are dropped from mobs in Imperial Tomb. You will need a Warsmith/Maestro lvl 78 with create lvl 8 in order to use the recipes.

C Grade SA
C grade weapons with Special Abilities have been added to the mantra manager. In order to put an SA on the desired weapon you need a certain amount of animal bones.

Mantra Drops
Mantras are needed for weapons/armors A grade and above and for . These mantra drops are now categorized by mob levels.
50-70 water mantra
68-70 wind mantra
60-67 wind mantra
76+ wind + fire mantra's

Materials & Recipes by Spoil
Materials, S grade SA recipes, adenas and mantras are now also collectable through spoil.

Raid Bosses
A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen, Core and Orfen)


L2Gold Weapons
-Crokian*Crokian Patk 371, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25% Atk Speed +7%
-Doll knife*Doll knife Patk 371, Matk 138, Atk Speed +7%, Guidance +6
-Crokian Blade Patk 310, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Atk Speed +7%
-Sword of Apostle Patk 310, Matk 138, Guidance +6, HP +25%
Mage Weapons:
-Dusk Staff Patk 156, Matk 200, Cast Speed +17,5%
-Dusk Sword Patk 156, Matk 200, Matk +15%
-Lady Fan Patk 231, Matk 204, Cast Speed +17,5%
-Dreadbane Pole Patk 310, Matk 138, guidance +6, wideblow 8 hits, 360degree hit
-Axe of Ketra Patk 310, Matk 138, Guidance +6, Crit Damage +265, wideblow 8 hits
-Doll Knife Patk 275, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Crit Damage +265
-Giant Trident Patk 275, Matk 138, Evasion +3, Crit Damage +265
2 Handed Swords:
-Sword of Vampire Patk 371, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, HP +25%
-Cudgel Patk 310, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Atk Speed +7%
-Halisha Bow Patk 610, Matk 138, Crit Rate +95, Guidance +6
-Dusk Shield Pdef 300, Evasion -16, Shield Rate 40
-Shield of Reflect Pdef 319, Reflect Magic Debuffs
-Shield of Evasion Pdef 110, No Evasion Penalty, Run Speed +7



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Hi mate, it seems like a nice server. I will definitely check it out. Cheers.

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