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Welcome on Falania-Global.com the newest and most complete Full Real Map server! We are ready to offer you lots of fun, content, entertainment and more!


1 - 7 level, 50x
8 - 50 level, 800x
51 - 80 level, 350x
81 - 100 level, 250x
101 - 140 level, 150x
141 - 160 level, 100x
161 - 180 level, 80x
181 - 200 level, 50x
201 - 230 level, 30x
231 - 250 level, 20x
251 - 280 level, 15x
281 - 300 level, 10x
301 - 320 level, 7x
321 - 340 level, 5x
341 - 350 level, 4x
351 - 430 level, 3x
431+ level, 2x

•Protection level:100


•War Anti Entrosa
•Exp Shared Party 100%
•cast System
•Reward System 100% RL
•Store System
•Protection Login
•Ferumbras Quest
•Critical System
•Pits of Hell
•New Hunts
•New Monsters
•New Mounts
•New Outfits
•New Spawn System
•World Changes
•Grimvale Quest
•New Depots
•Anti-Kick System
•Real Tibia Raids
•Reward to advance level
•NPC Yasir (Eastern Trader)
•Offline Training
•Equip Hotkey
•Fury Gates
•Retro PVP
•Seacrest grounds
•Online training

And more ...


# Events #

-Battlefield Event
-Last Man Standing
-Capture The Flag
-Bounty Hunters
-Snake Game
-Upgrade System
-Online Train Stamina



•Some images:









See you in Tibia!
Your Community Falania Managers

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